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Dear colleagues and friends,

Welcome to the Face Recognition Research Community newsgroup.

We hope that you will find this kind of communication useful and that this initiative will help researchers exchange ideas and learn from each other.

We especially encourage interdisciplinary discussions and thus researchers from other areas are more than welcome. Only through exchanging diverse knowledge the biggest leaps are possible. Students and researchers new in the field are also encouraged to post their questions here and thus hopefully get help from more experienced colleagues.

Like the Face Recognition Homepage itself, this newsgroup is intended to be strictly academic and noncommercial.

IMPORTANT: If you apply to join this group, please note that your application will not be approved if any of this information is missing: (1) your full name, (2) your institution, (3) your country. Those three details should be written in the "Apply to join group" pop-up window.

Kind regards,

Kresimir Delac & Mislav Grgic