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Jun 15, 2008, 12:33:12 PM6/15/08
to Flying Aces Club Europe
Hi all,

I tried to access the SFA formu for last days but it seems to be down.
I sent an email to Bagaht's son but i didn't get any answer. Would you
know what happends? Will SFA be continued?


Dennis Kollarits

Jun 16, 2008, 5:19:36 AM6/16/08
Hi Benjamin,
this message was posted by Bruce Robertson over on the hip pocket forum.

" Re: Where is SFA?
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If the owners of this disappove of this message, please remove.

To SFA members
1) The forum problem has been found but the fix will not happen immediately, it is requiring an server upgrade and some programming work.
2) Arjun had mentioned several times that he needed to have me set up with forum access. Since we live relatively close we wanted to spend a day together covering the site details. We were to late, and I don't know that my access would have helped when the problem is in the server.
3) Arjun has mentioned the financial gain that is possible with SFA. I think he overstated the case, but do not know. Right now I think SFA is in negative cash flow, in the recent past he took a personal loan to cover programming cost.
4) Every conversation with Arjun has an common section. I mention that I appreciate his effort since he is not a modeler. He dismisses this comment and says that it is his responsibility and that he enjoys SFA.
5) Mentioning the current state of SFA on this forum had not occurred immediately to me, then I heard from someone that Arjun and SFA had been on the receiving end on some less than complementary comments. I did not want to see these since I make a very personal committment to all that I do, including helping with SFA.
6) I did not have an e-mail list of all forum members, even though the possibility existed. All I needed to do was go to the forums member section, and there they are!! When the forum server went down so did my ability to access this feature. (OK, I removed a personal rant!!!)
7) I am adding this, a personal rant since I do take a lot personally. Blaming a person for something that happens beyond his control (the server company), get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My personal schedule involves leaving for work around 6 a.m. and not getting home till 7:30 p.m., on call 24-7 a minimum of 1 week a month (often more) and working nights when certain things must be done. And I do have a wife and other family, a home that needs my care, 3 chiropractic appointments and 1 physical therapy appointment a week thanks to a back injury. And I am very happy to make time for SFA, but if something is not noticed or done immediately I think you can understand the reason. I made the choice to do these things (well, not the back injury) and have few regrets. If Arjun is a serious student (which I think he is) then he likely has less time available than most of us. I know this comment is in bad taste, but not being able to 'visit' my friends on SFA is a bummer, not being able to fix things is frustrating, somethings I have read are hurtful and make me want to lash out. We have done what we can, I am sorry that we did not plan for all possibilities and take steps to prevent the unexpected.

I want to thank the owner and administrator of this forum for allowing me to post this here, if it is removed then that is OK as well.


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