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Marcelo Tosatti

Nov 9, 2005, 1:32:04 PM11/9/05
to, Willy TARREAU

Two small issues showed up,

- IPVS refcont leak
- unpriviledged virtual terminal ioctls should be allowed
to read function keys

So here goes -rc3.

Attaching the full changelog since this is probably the last -rc

Summary of changes from v2.4.32-rc2 to v2.4.32-rc3

Marcelo Tosatti:
only disallow _setting_ of function key string
Change VERSION to 2.4.32-rc3

Roberto Nibali:
fix missing refcnt put with expire_nodest_conn

Summary of changes from v2.4.32-rc1 to v2.4.32-rc2

Aleksey Gorelov:
asus vt8235 router buggy bios workaround

Alexey Kuznetsov:
[TCP]: Don't over-clamp window in tcp_clamp_window()

Andrew Morton:
loadkeys requires root priviledges

Dan Aloni:
fix memory leak in sd_mod.o

Denis Lukianov:
[MCAST]: Fix MCAST_EXCLUDE line dupes

Herbert Xu:
Clear stale pred_flags when snd_wnd change

[IPVS]: Add netdev and me as maintainer contacts
Fix infinite loop in udp_v6_get_port()

Julian Anastasov:
[IPVS]: ip_vs_ftp breaks connections using persistence
[IPVS]: really invalidate persistent templates

Marcelo Tosatti:
Change VERSION to 2.4.32-rc2

Marcus Sundberg:
[NETFILTER]: this patch fixes a compilation issue with gcc 3.4.3.

Nick Piggin:
possible memory ordering bug in page reclaim

Pete Zaitcev:
usb: regression in usb-ohci

Ralf Baechle:
AX.25: signed char bug

Willy Tarreau:
Fix jiffies overflow in delay.h

Summary of changes from v2.4.32-pre3 to v2.4.32-rc1

Andrey J. Melnikoff:
Remove isofs useless unsigned " < 0" comparison

nfs client: handle long symlinks properly

Chuck Ebbert:
i386: fix incorrect FP signal delivery

Dave Johnson:
[IPV4]: Fix negative timer loop with lots of ipv4 peers.

Gustavo Zacarias:
[SPARC64]: Use vmalloc() in do_netfilter_replace()

Hasso Tepper:
[IPV6]: Route events reported with wrong netlink PID and seq number

CAN-2005-0204: AMD64, allows local users to write to privileged IO ports via OUTS instruction
isofs driver ignore parameters

Jean Delvare:
update lm_sensors mailing list address

Kirill Korotaev:
Lost sockfd_put() in routing_ioctl()
lost fput in 32bit ioctl on x86-64

Kiyoshi Ueda:
IA64: page_not_present fault in region 5 is normal

M.Baris Demiray:
Update PPPoE's configuration documentation

Marcelo Tosatti:
NFS: dprintk on -ENAMETOOLONG error handling
Update VERSION to 2.4.32-rc1
Andrea Arcangeli: avoid size_buffers_type overflow
Revert unnecessary arch/ppc64/boot/zlib.c
Revert unnecessary zlib_inflate/inftress.c fix

cciss 2.4.60

Patrick McHardy:
[NETFILTER]: Handle NAT module load race

Summary of changes from v2.4.32-pre2 to v2.4.32-pre3

Aaron Grothe:
Fix XTEA implementation

Alan Stern:
Revert USB UHCI changes

Aleksey Gorelov:
Fix incorrect Asus k7m irq router detection
Fix Alpha AXP Cabriolet build
fix RedBlackTree rb_next/rb_prev functions

Harald Welte:
Remove bogus declaration of ipt_mutex

ppc32: stop misusing ntps time_offset value

Jeff Garzik:
libata: update to 2.6.x latest

John W. Linville:
i810_audio: use MMIO on systems that support it
i810_audio: offset LVI from CIV to avoid stalled start

Ju, Seokmann:
megaraid2 v2.10.10.1

Lars Marowsky-Bree:
fix oops when starting md multipath 2.4 kernel

Linus Torvalds:
PATCH: Fix outstanding gzip/zlib security issues

Marcelo Tosatti:
Change VERSION to v2.4.32-pre3
Change VERSION to v2.4.32-pre2
Merge rsync://

Patrick McHardy:
[NETFILTER]: Use correct byteorder in ICMP NAT
[NETFILTER]: Fix potential memory corruption in NAT code (aka memory NAT)
[NETFILTER]: Fix ip6t_LOG sit tunnel logging
[NETFILTER]: Restore netfilter assumption in IPv6 multicast
[NETFILTER]: Fix deadlock with ip_queue/ip6_queue
[NETFILTER]: Ignore PSH on SYN/ACK in ipt_unclean

fix potential NULL dereferences in several serial driver methods (Julien Tinnes)

Summary of changes from v2.4.32-pre1 to v2.4.32-pre2

Alan Stern:
file_storage and UHCI bugfixes

David S. Miller:
[NETLINK]: Fix two socket hashing bugs.

Jakub Bogusz:
[SPARC64]: fix sys32_utimes(somefile, NULL)

Larry Woodman:
workaround inode cache (prune_icache/__refile_inode) SMP races

Marcelo Tosatti:
Change VERSION to 2.4.32-pre2
Merge with rsync://
Revert [NETLINK]: Fix two socket hashing bugs.

Neil Horman:
[IPVS]: Close race conditions on ip_vs_conn_tab list modification

Pete Zaitcev:
usb: printer double up()

Tim Yamin:
Merge with rsync://
The gzip description is as good as the ChangeLog says it is -: "Set n to

Summary of changes from v2.4.31 to v2.4.32-pre1

Andi Kleen <>:
x86-64: Enable Nvidia timer override workaround for SMP kernels too
x86-64: Fix build with !CONFIG_SWIOTLB
x86_64: Disable exception stack for stack faults
Fix canonical checking for segment registers in ptrace
Check for canonical addresses in ptrace
Fix buffer overflow in x86-64/ia64 32bit execve

David S. Miller <>:
[NETLINK]: Fix two socket hashing bugs.
[SPARC64]: Fix cmsg length checks in Solaris emulation layer.
[SPARC64]: Fix conflicting __bzero_noasi() prototypes.

H. J. Lu <>:
newer i386/x86_64 assemblers prohibit instructions for moving between a seg register and a 32bit location

Marcel Holtmann <>:
Fix" introduced in 2.4.27pre2 for bluetooth hci_usb race causes kernel hang

Marcelo <mar...@xeon.cnet>:
Change VERSION to 2.4.32-pre1

NeilBrown <>:
Claim i_alloc_sem while changing file size in nfsd
Don't drop setuid on directories when ownership changed by NFSd

Pete Zaitcev <>:
USB 2.4.31: ftdi_sio fixes

Ralf Baechle <>:
update netdev address

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