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Re: Audit: Log TIOCSTI

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Samuel Thibault

Mar 24, 2009, 6:53:46 AM3/24/09
to Miloslav Trmac, Al Viro, James Morris,

Just a late follow-up.

From: Miloslav Trmac <>
> (The only program I could find that uses TIOCSTI is mailx/nail in
> "header editing" mode, e.g. using the ~h escape. mailx is used very
> rarely, and the escapes are used even rarer.)

TIOCSTI is used daily by people typing on a braille device. The brltty
daemon uses TIOCSTI to synthesize the keypresses. Yes, it can also
use uinput (and it does) but not in all case: uinput doesn't permit
to synthesize an 'A' (I really mean an ascii 'A', not the key whose
physical position is the position of 'A' on a qwerty keyboard).

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