UNIX troff and XEROX printers.

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Feb 27, 1985, 2:54:43 PM2/27/85
From: bierma@nprdc


We are running 4.2BSD on two 11/780's. We will soon have access to
three XEROX laser printers. An offline 9700, a 5700 attached to a
neighbor IBM 43XX which we will soon be networked to, and a 2700 that
will be directly attached to one of the VAX's. Our goal of course is
to be able to use all of these printers as troff output devices.


The 2700 will be delivered with "Image Networks"(?) troff software.
Anybody have any comments or words of wisdom about this software? Are
there better packages to drive the 2700. [Note: this is a 2700 from
XEROX, not a printer based on the 2700 from some other source.]

The 5700 currently talks to an IBM over a bisync channel. It will soon
be attached to a common ethernet and communicate with a number of 860
workstations. Anyone know of a CAT/DVI to UCL/DCL/Interpress filter we
can use to drive this beast? Or, since the 5700 emulates an IBM 6670
laser printer at software to support troff output on the 6670 would
work just as well. I seem to recall a paper at the Wash DC USENIX
conference about a law firm that printed on a 6670 from an 11/70,
anybody out have any leads?

Finally we will have occasional access to an offline 9700. Anyone know
how to create tapes that the 9700 will read and print?

I'll appreciate any info you can send me.

--Larry ARPA: bie...@nprdc.arpa
UUCP: {decvax,ucbvax,ihnp4}!sdcsvax!sdcsla!nprdc!bierma
PSTN: (619) 225-2161

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Mar 3, 1985, 4:12:08 PM3/3/85
From: cornell!bonnie!l...@uw-beaver.arpa (Larry Auton)

I have two Xerox 2700 II's running under System V Release 2.0.
They are equipped with parallel Dataproducts interfaces.
We are driving them from VAX-11/780's with DEC LP11 cards.

We are using a device independent troff driver (dx2700) from

44000 Warm Springs Blvd.
Fremont, California 94538

Contact: Michael Sweeney
(415) 490-3555

We got this driver several months ago as a beta-test site. It has
performed beautifully. It supports all of the troff preprocessors like
PIC, IDEAL, GRAP, EQN, and TBL. The code is very stable (ie, only 1
change since we got it), and is very efficient. The VLS people did an
excellent job of planning before putting this system on the market.
The documentation is also very good (surprise!).

The dx2700 package comes with lots of goodies for building fonts from
other font files that you may have around. I was able to use all of
the font files that I had on hand from Image Network (the xroff people)
with dx2700. The "troff|dx2700" combination also uses about twenty
percent less CPU time than xroff and prints at about 10 pages per
minute (our version xroff prints about 4 pages per minute).

The VLS software will run on a wide variety of machines and UNIX
versions. It was developed on a VAX-11/780 4.2 BSD machine, and has
been ported to System V [ Release 2.0 ] on VAX, 3B20, 3B5 and 3B2.

Since we got dx2700 on a beta-test agreement, we didn't have to pay for
it (with $$); so I don't know what they charge for the system.

Larry Auton
Larry Auton

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