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Gurudatta Parulkar

Oct 2, 1985, 10:25:05 AM10/2/85

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SUBJECT: List of applications for AppleTalk ?
Date: 02 Oct 85 09:32:49 EDT (Wed)
From: Gurudatta Parulkar <paru...@dewey.udel.EDU>

We have been using Appletalk for the last three months, but have not
come across too many applications to run on this network. In fact,
we use it only for sharing the LaserWriter. So I would like to know
the list of applications that other people are using on AppleTalk.

Thanks in advance.

- -guru

PS: Some examples of Applications that I have in mind are say mail,
file transfer etc.

Gurudatta M. Parulkar
University of Delaware
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
Newark, DE 19716

ARPA: parulkar@udel-dewey
CSNET: parulkar%udel-dewey@csnet-relay
UUCP: ...!harvard!parulkar@udel-dewey
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