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Nex SMUG Developers meeting & Mailing list update

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Oct 21, 1985, 8:59:51 PM10/21/85
From: Gustavo Fernandez <FERN...@SU-SUSHI.ARPA>

The next Stanford Macintosh Users Group Developers meeting will be on
Thursday, October 24, at 7:30pm in Poyla 111, (Turing Auditorium) in
the Jordan Quad.

Our speaker will be Dan Ingalls of Apple Computer, who will be speaking about
the Smalltalk programming language. Dan formally worked at Xerox PARC, and was
one of the original designers of the Smalltalk language.

At the meeting, Dan will also be demonstrating the implementation of Smalltalk
developed at Apple which currently runs on the 512K (or larger) macintosh.

Our next speaker, on Thursday, November 7, will be Pat Dirks of Apple Computer.
Pat is one of the principal architects of the new Macintosh hierarchial
File System which is used with the Hard Disk 20. He will be talking about
the internals of the HFS as well as new calling sequences necessary to use


This is the last SMUG-DEVELOPERS related message that will be broadcast far
and wide this year. Future messages will be confined to the SMUG-DEVELOPERS
mailing list. If you are on this list, then you should get this message in
your EMAIL. If you would like to be on this list, or be taken off, please
send a message to FERNANDEZ@SU-SUSHI. Anyone who replied to my earlier
request has already been included in the updated list.

SMUG-DEVELOPERS is a public mailing list and is meant to be an open forum
for Mac developer related issues at Stanford. If you have any problem, need
help programming, have a review of some neat new utility, etc. feel free

Thank you

Gustavo Fernandez

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