RE: CVS keeps marking unchanged files are conficts

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Arthur Barrett

Apr 14, 2014, 4:51:09 AM4/14/14

Try reproducing the problem using command line CVS.

If you can reproduce it send a new email including:
- the command
- the server version of CVS
- the client version of CVS
- the server OS
- the client OS

If you can only reproduce the problem with Netbeans - then contact the
author of netbeans.


Arthur Barrett

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> Subject: CVS keeps marking unchanged files are conficts
> I'm using CVS within netbeans (7.3 and 8.0 beta) using the
> CVS IDE integration plugin.
> In one particular project, the files in three particular
> directories are always marked as conflict, but when trying to
> resolve conflicts, the option is not available, and on diff
> there are 0/0 changes.
> These directories have nothing different compared to many
> many other directories.
> I compared the date+time in Cvs/Entries and they match
> exactly. I've found revisions in Cvs/RevisionCache/*#HEAD and
> those files are identical to the main files (same hash)
> Here's what I tried already:
> -Delete files locally
> -Cannot CVS Commit since it claims they are remotely modified,
> -CVS update, now the files appear again, but also a lot of
> empty directories appear that I deleted long ago and a second
> later they all disappear again (like, wtf?)
> -Delete files locally
> -CVS Commit (now they should be out of the repository...
> verified by trying Update twice)
> -Copy backups of the files back to the folders
> -CVS Commit (they are in the repository again)
> -CVS Update -- now it claims there are remote conflicts again!!!
> Does anyone know how to solve this?

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