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ZCPR2 Manuals on MC

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Dec 31, 1982, 11:47:45 PM12/31/82
>From rconn@BRL Fri Dec 31 21:26:53 1982
To: info-cpm@BRL
Cc: info-micro@BRL
Via: Brl; 31 Dec 82 14:59-EST
Via: Brl-Bmd; 31 Dec 82 15:05-EST

As advertised, the draft ZCPR2 Concepts and Installation
manuals are now on MIT-MC under CPM as Z2CON WQ, Z2CON WQH, Z2INS
WQ, AND Z2INS WQH. They will have to be unsqueezed in order to
read them.

Download time should be roughly 1 hour for Z2CON WQ and 1
hour for the other three. Note that these are subject to revi-
sion and will probably be revised. As I see your tradeoffs (and
the purpose of this upload), you can download now, read the manu-
als, and send questions and comments. If you have any problem
with some part of the manuals, now is a good time to find out
(i.e., before final release). There will be time to discuss them
before I start travelling. Also, if you are interested in at-
tending one of my talks, it might be nice to have seen the sub-
ject material beforehand and then use the free time to discuss

The CRC values on the files check as advertised in my
previous message. Also, the CPM directory is now 94.5% full with
this addition, and Frank or Keith may wish to move these files.

A summary message on ZCPR2 will come out later today.
The next major item in the schedule is release of new final manu-
als, ZCPR2 itself, and all of the ZCPR2 System Utilities on 10-11
Jan. Enjoy.


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