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Dec 26, 1982, 7:49:39 PM12/26/82
>From POURNE@Mit-Mc Fri Dec 24 01:42:55 1982
To: goldfarb.ucf-cs@Udel-Relay
Cc: LIN@Mit-Mc, info-cpm@BRL
In-Reply-To: The message of 23 Dec 82 08:46:20 EST (Thu) from Ben Goldfarb <goldfarb.ucf-cs at Udel-Relay>
Via: Mit-Mc; 24 Dec 82 3:12-EST
Via: Brl; 24 Dec 82 3:25-EST
Via: Brl-Bmd; 24 Dec 82 3:45-EST

One of these days I will have to send a disk. Meantime I
talkeed to Godbout and that BIOS may be available soon.

Query: do you know precisely how I can download from ITS? That
is, I have a system (MITE) trhat will capture files, even binary
files; but I do not know what commands will cause the ITS
systems to begin sending them in a continuous stream.
Perhaps you are the wrong one to ask?

Best JEP


Dec 29, 1982, 8:03:42 PM12/29/82
>From rconn@BRL Wed Dec 29 02:30:54 1982
To: Herb Lin <LIN@Mit-Mc>
Cc: info-cpm@BRL
Via: Brl; 28 Dec 82 18:30-EST
Via: Brl-Bmd; 28 Dec 82 18:38-EST

ZCPR and ZCPR2 will not run on an 8085, altho many of the ZCPR2
utilities will. "ZCPR" stands for Z80-based Command Processor Replacement,
and, running in the same amount of space as the conventional CP/M CCP,
ZCPRn contains some very tight Z80 code, particularly jump relatives,
which will NOT run on an 8080 or 8085.


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