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Dec 31, 1982, 11:43:03 PM12/31/82
>From EH@Mit-Ai Fri Dec 31 21:13:43 1982
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Hello, As some of you may have known, there is some
kind of incompatiblity with the early MODEM.COM's and
the later super MODEM7's along with MBOOT3 and XMODEM.
While running my RCPM sys (DataTech 415-595-0541), I noticed
XMODEM 4.2 didnt work with MODEM7 so I had to upgrade to
XMODEM 5.xx ... Today, was trying to transfer a file from
from my H89 to my TRS-80 and it didnt work..the TRS-80
(MODEM2) and the H89 (MODEM731) kept bombing out with
TIMEOUT and 15H RCVD NOT ACK. However,my MODEM2 and MODEM7
will talk to XMODEMs on others and talk to MBOOT3 on my
computers. So, I had to use MBOOT on trs-80 instead of MODEM2
to receive the file from H89 and use MBOOT on H89 instead of
MODEM7 to receive from TRS-80. Really confusing...what
happened to protocol standard in MODEM7xx ??
Thank you very much,
Edward Huang

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