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Jan 24, 1983, 3:18:51 AM1/24/83
>From PATTERMANN.sumex-aim@Brl-Bmd Sun Jan 23 20:25:02 1983

Mailing list maintainers ;

I am in the process of centralizing all ARPA mailing lists coming into
SUMEX-AIM to one mailbox to be made available as a Bulletin Board. This helps
us save disk space, and save processing time on both ends.
I would appreciate it if you could forward to me the names of all people on
your mailing list at SUMEX-AIM, and add a address for
'<mailing list>@SUMEX-AIM' to your present mailing list (for example,
HUMAN-NETS@SUMEX-AIM). Then, I will ask the users of your mailing lists
from SUMEX-AIM to request to be removed from the list.

Thanks, Ed

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