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Dual Processors

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Sep 22, 1984, 6:29:15 PM9/22/84
From: "Andrew M. Moore" <T.MOORE%MIT-...@MIT-MC.ARPA>

I'm a Xerox 820-II 16/8 user, and I'm trying to set up my RCP/M making
use of the 16/8's co-processor. I can use one processor, say, to assemble
a program, and the other to work on word processing, but I when I try to
use one processor for NON-disk I/O, it just sits there. I.e., it seems
that the processors will work at the same time only during disk I/O.
To make it short -- If someone logs onto my system while I'm word processing
on the co-processor (BYE on Z-80, myself on 8086), they can't use the
system. It hangs. If I press CTRL/RET to get back to the Z-80, they can.

Is there a way to let them use the system while I use the other processor?
(are there even any 16/8 users there??) Maybe this is just the way dual
processors work; I'm a novice as far as knowing how the things work, but
it seems like an annoying "feature".

Please mail directly, not through INFO-CPM.



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