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Jun 27, 1982, 1:43:50 AM6/27/82
>From W8SDZ@Mit-Mc Wed Jun 23 20:24:52 1982
Date: 21 Jun 82 16:23:14-PDT (Mon)
From: decvax!watmath!watarts!rand at Berkeley
To: info-micro at mit-ai
Re: IBM PC Coherent
Article-I.D.: watarts.1349
Via: news.usenet; 23 Jun 82 2:26-PDT

I am sending a brief amount of information about IBM PC Coherent, because
I was deluged with mail because of the notice put into this group by
watarts!spoon. For more information than is found herein, contact me
at this mail address or write to:
Mark Williams Company,
1430 W Wrightwood Ave,

Coherent is a UNIX look-alike operating system which is compatible with
the V7 programming and shell interfaces. It current runs on PDP-11, z8002
(Ithaca Intersystems), 68000 (Exormacs) and the 8086/8088 (in various
The version for the IBM PC takes a minimum of 128K bytes of main
memory but it is probably more reasonable to run with 256K. Either of
the Corvus or the TecMar hard (winchester) discs can be used.
(The system will run on the minifloppies but they are really too small to
hold any serious amount of software as well as being terribly slow).
CPU performance seems to be just a nudge (say about 1-2%) faster
than a PDP-11/23 but the hard discs tend to be a little slower than RL drives
so the subjective performance is somewhat slower than Coherent on an 11/23.
Compiler code density is about 14-16% better than that produced (also by
the Mark Williams C compiler) for the PDP-11. These numbers were arrived
at somewhat subjectively by looking at sizes and run times when running in the `bc' command.

If anyone has more detailed questions, I will be glad to send answers.
However, for marketing type information contact the company as I am
just a technical person.

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