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Jul 21, 1985, 7:07:08 AM7/21/85
From: Charles McGrew (The Moderator) <Human-Nets-Request@Rutgers>

HUMAN-NETS Digest Sunday, 21 Jul 1985 Volume 8 : Issue 24

Today's Topics:
Query - Publishing via Networks,
Response to Query - References on Graphic User Interfaces,
Announcements - Security Mailing List &
The Report Store &
Call for Papers Vldb86 &
Planning a New Bboard

Date: 18-Jul-85 23:35 PDT
From: William Daul / McDonnell-Douglas / APD-ASD <WBD.TYM@OFFICE-2>
Subject: Publishing Query

I have a question about publishing material accumulated via networks.
Does anyone have any suggestion as to how to find out what is public
domain? Here are the facts:

I have been accumulating 700+ pages of recipies from a un-named
network. Some of these might be from copywrited sources...I don't
know. What guidelines might I follow? Any comments from the
readership would be appreciated. --Bi\\


Date: Thu 18 Jul 85 11:51:05-PDT
From: Mark Richer <RIC...@SUMEX-AIM.ARPA>
Subject: Re: QUERRY references on graphic user interfaces

W.R.T. my query for references on graphic user interfaces please mail
everything to me unless you have good reason to broadcast more
generally. If I get something substantial together, I'll announce it
and make it available on the net (either you can ftp it or I'll email
it to you).

I did not make a DIALOG search; I don't have ready access to it. I
guess I am being a little old fashioned, but I believe I can get a
better list of important references from people more easily. But the
results of any electronic search are appreciated. You can mail to me
as a msg. or thru US Mail : mark richer, stanford university,
knowledge systems laboratory, 701 Welch Road, Bldg. C, Stanford CA

The PROTEAN project at Stanford has an iris not far from my desk, but
they are using it as an output device linked to a XEROX 1108 and a Vax
and do not have window software for the IRIS now.



Date: 17 Jul 85 03:36:49 EDT
From: *Hobbit* <AWa...@RUTGERS.ARPA>
Subject: New Mailing List

After some footwork, the Security mailing list has been created. Its
incoming address is Security@Rutgers, and is moderated by me. The
incoming stuff is not digestified, but it is filtered to keep things
of questionable legality/ content from escaping out to the network.
This list supports the standard Arpanet -request address convention as

Knowledge of locks and things generally runs fairly high among
hackers, as I'm sure most of us know. Part of the security business
is that there must be some people knowledgeable enough to defeat and
subsequently repair security devices in the event of problems.
Unfortunately there are also those who posess this knowledge and use
it to commit crimes. And there is a third category, the hackers.
These are the people who often tread a thin edge between crime and
knowledge. Because of this, the discussion of security is often a
ticklish issue.

Unfortunately the word ''hacker'' has been misused by the media and
now is shrouded in a criminal context in minds everywhere. There are
quite often hackers who started out as ''crackers'' in high school,
perhaps, or fell in with a bunch of destructive types but eventually
learned that Hacking is a lot more fun than Cracking, involves the
same sort of cleverness, and is legal to boot. It is this kind of
hacking that this list deals with, in the field of security in
general, be it electronic, physical, or computer-related.

Therefore, this list is designed to provide a forum for discussion of
any and all security topics. Since the original idea was to name this
list Locksmiths@Rutgers, discussions about physical security and
hardware are welcomed, but to broaden out into computer security and
electronic access control and such is also valid. In other words, any
subject matter relating to the *improvement* and *implementation* of
security systems is okay, while how to *defeat* them is not.

A good example is the already well-established list called Telecom,
which is devoted to the discussion of telephone networks, hardware,
and company happenings. It is not a phreak bboard where everyone
calls in and leaves MCI access numbers and such. There are many other
things that one can discuss about the telephone network that has no
relation to toll fraud at all, like ESS internals, what LATAs are, and
new products on the market. The same idea applies to the security
business. Articles containing information like ''How to trivially
open Kwikset locksets'' could be used for criminal purposes and would
not be forwarded to the list, but info about how to take them apart
and fix them is legitimately useful and would not really be
questioned. It is hoped that the list will collect some legal wizards
who can help the rest of us determine just where those fine lines lie,
so that we can host some deeply technical discussions without
violating the law or common sense.

At any rate, it's off and rolling. Please forward questions
and such about the list itself [additions, bugs, etc]



Date: 19-Jul-85 00:24 PDT
From: William Daul / McDonnell-Douglas / APD-ASD

I don't know if I mentioned this organization. I am on the mailing
list for The Report Store. I will include the description that they
supply with their catalogue.

"THE REPORT & CATALOGUE is published quarterly for clients and
customers of THE REPORT STORE, a division of Ergosyst Associates,
Inc., a multidisciplinary information management firm. THE REPORT
STORE monitors literature relevant to the design and use of
advanced computer technologies. It provides a convenient resource
for the scientific community to discover and obtain documents
related to computer system use and design. Titles include books,
collections, government and corporate technical research reports,
proceedings, reference works, journal special issues, and
references published by THE REPORT STORE. ISSN 0883-5918"

910 Massachusetts St., Suite 503J
Lawrence, Kansas 66044-2975
Telephone: 913 842 7348



Date: Mon, 15 Jul 85 15:42:18 jst
From: ihnp4!kddlab!takeda%seismo.CSS.GOV@Berkeley (Manabu Takeda)


12th International Conference


Very Large Data Bases


August 25-28, 1986


VLDB Conferences are intended to identify and encourage
research, development and applications of database systems.
The Twelfth VLDB Conference will bring together researchers
and practitioners to exchange ideas. We are eager for
papers on new concepts, new ideas and new research results
having to do with databases and knowledge bases. We not
only solicit, but seek and encourage papers describing work
in which an implemented system embodies a new concept. All
submitted papers will be read by the Program Committee.


Major topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Data Models
Database Theory
Database Design Methodology and Tools
Distributed Databases
Query Optimization
Concurrency Control
User Interfaces
Database Hardware
Data Organization
Security Integration of Logic and Database
Knowledge-Base Systems
Object-Model Representation
Engineering Databases
Office Information Systems
Multi -media Databases

July 15, 1985

- 2 -


Five copies of double-spaced manuscript in English up to
5000 words should be submitted by February 15,1986 to one of
the Program Committee Chairpersons.

Setsuo Ohsuga
University of Tokyo
Tokyo 153

Wesley Chu
Computer Science Dept.
Los Angeles,CA 90024

Georges Gardarin
Domaine de Voluceau Rocquencourt
B.P. 105-78153 Le Chesnay Cedex


PAPERS DUE : February 15,1986

Honourable Chairperson

Dr. Tosio Kitagawa
Fujitsu, JAPAN

General Conference Chairperson

Prof. Yutaka Ohno
KYOTO University, JAPAN

Steering Committee Co-Chairpersons

Prof. S.Bing Yao
Maryland University, USA

Dr. Vincent Lum
IBM, West Germany

July 15, 1985

- 3 -

Far East Conference Chairperson

Prof. Shixuan Sa
People's University of China, China

American Conference Chairperson

Dr. Eugene Lowenthal

European Conference Chairperson

Prof. G.Schlateter
Hagen University, West Germany

Japanese Executive Committee Chairperson

Prof. Hirotaka Sakai
Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan



Setsuo Ohsuga, Chairperson
University of Tokyo, Japan

Setsuo Arikawa
Kyushu University, Japan

Hiroshi Arisawa
Yokohama national University, Japan

C.C. Chang
National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

Koichi Furukawa
ICOT, Japan

Ryosuke Hotaka
University of Tsukuba, Japan

Yahiko Kambayashi
Kyushu University, Japan

July 15, 1985

- 4 -

Sukho Lee
Seoul National University, Korea

Leszek Maciaszek
University of Wollongong, Australia

Yoshifumi Masunaga
University of Library & Information Science, Japan

Takao Miura
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding, Japan

T. V. Prabhakan
Indian Institute of Technology, India

Chen Qiming
National Bureau of Surveying & Mapping of China, China

K. P. Tan
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Syusuke Uemura
Electrotechnical Laboratory, Japan


Wesley Chu, Chairperson

P. Bruce Berra
Syracuse University, USA

Robert Brown
Hughes Aircraft, USA

Arvola Chan
Computer Corporation of America, USA

July 15, 1985

- 5 -

Dan Fishman
Hewlett-Packard Labs., USA

Antonio Furtado
Pontificia Universidade Catolica, Brazil

Alan R. Hevner
University of Maryland, USA

David Hsiao
U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, USA

Fred Lochovsky
University of Toronto, Canada

Guy Lohman
IBM Research Laboratory, USA

Hector Garcia Molina
Princeton University, USA

Frank Olken
Lawrence Berkeley Lab., USA

Kamran Parsaye
Intelliware, USA

Kenneth C. Sevcik
University of Toronto, Canada

Arie Soshani
Lawrence Berkely Lab., USA

Toby Teorey
University of Michigan, USA

Gio Wiederhold
Stanford University, USA


July 15, 1985

- 6 -

Georges Gardarin, Chairperson
INRIA, France

Michel Adiba
Universite de Grenoble, France

Peter M. G. Apers
Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands

Janis Bubenko
University of Stockholm, Sweden

Stefano Ceri
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Peter Dadam
IBM, West Germany

Mishbah S. Deen
University of Aberdeen, UK

Robert Demolombe
Onera-Cert-Deri, France

Peter J. H. King
Birbeck College (Univ. of London), UK

Alain Pirotte
Philips & Mble Ass. Research Laboratory, Belgium

Joachim W. Schmidt
University of Frankfurt, West Germany

Michiel Scholl
INRIA, France

Fabio Schreiber
Universita Degli Studi di Parma, Italy

July 15, 1985

- 7 -

Heinz Schweppe
Siemens Ag, West Germany

Constantino Thanos
IEI/CNR, Italy

Herbert Weber
University of Dortmund, West Germany


Toshiyasu L. Kunii
University of Tokyo, Japan

Local Arrangement Committee Co-Chairpersons

Kiyoshi Agusa
Kyoto University, Japan

Takao Miura
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding, Japan

Chief Proceedings Editor

Yahiko Kambayashi
Kyushu University, Japan

Publicity Committee Chairperson

Yoshioki Ishii
Software AG of Far East, Japan

Treasurer Committee Chairperson

Yoshikazu Tezuka
Osaka University, Japan

Tutorial Committee Chairperson

Isamu Kobayashi
Sanno Institute of Business

July 15, 1985

- 8 -


Very Large Data Base Endowment
Information Processing Society of Japan

July 15, 1985


Date: Wed, 17 Jul 85 14:10:38 EDT
From: Sm...@UDel-Dewey.ARPA
Subject: Planning a new bboard...

Hi all!

Forgive me for intruding on your bulletin boards.... I am
interested in starting up a new bulletin board for those people who
are participating in, or are interested in participating in a
community band (as in wind ensemble). There seems to be a real
upsurge of them in the Delaware Valley, and maybe it is more
widespread than that. I am hoping that we can exchange ideas and
comments on good and bad arrangements, fund raising ideas,
organizational problems, etc. If you are interested in seeing
something like this, please send me mail -- if I don't hear from
enough people this bulletin board will never be! I am:

(ARPANET): sm...@UDel-dewey.ARPA
(CSNET): smith@UDel-dewey@csnet-relay
(UUCP): ...!harvard!smith@udel-dewey

-art smith


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