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Fernando Ventura

24.1.2003 klo 0.18.4024.1.2003
Hello there,

Have Carl ever talked about his opinion about the DuckTales series and

Thank you so much,
Fernando! :-)


Pete Fernbaugh

25.1.2003 klo 17.22.2025.1.2003
Hi Fernando,

HOGAN'S ALLEY, a semi-annual comic book and animation-themed magazine we
have here in the States, printed a never-before-published interview with
Carl Barks in its ninth issue.

The interviewer, Erik Svane, asked Mr. Barks the following question:
"What do you think of the DuckTales cartoons that are based on your

Mr. Barks responded by saying, "I think those cartoons were very
excellent, but they couldn't get enough material out of one of my stories
to fill up a half-hour, so they had to put in a great deal of fresh
material, which introduced a lot of other characters and a lot of other
situations that weren't in my original stories. But they were certainly
fine entertainment."

I know Duck fans tend to waver in their opinion of DUCKTALES. I, for
one, was introduced to Mr. Barks because of the show. The first episode
I ever saw was "Back to the Klondike," which was based upon the Barks
story of the same name (something I found out later).

Needless to say, I was hooked. I had seen it at a friend's house, and on
the way home, I talked and talked and talked and talked about the
wonderful show I had seen. My father humored me, of course, but little
did he know how that one show would lead to a massive obsession with not
only the ducks, but with many other characters, both animated and

I know that DUCKTALES didn't always do the Barks tales justice. I've
read many of the stories upon which those particular episodes ("Lost
Crown of Genghis Khan," "The Land of Tralla-La," etc.) were based. I've
enjoyed the Barks stories immensely, usually more than the television
episode that borrowed from it. However, part of me still holds a great
affection for those episodes and every other one that was a part of that
superb series.

Most current American animation barely holds my attention. I'm only
twenty-one-years-old and already I'm telling kids that the cartoons of
today just don't measure up to the cartoons that were produced when *I*
was a kid.

God bless,

Pete Fernbaugh.

Fabio Blanco

25.1.2003 klo 19.17.1425.1.2003
vastaanottaja DCML

I remember first time I see Duck Tales... I think was wonderful... the
chapters of the first episodes did have good writing and the relation of
McDuck and the nephews was basically that idea that Don Rosa so good get
printed flesh in the Life of Scrooge... Scrooge have a flint's heart but can
find his true soul trough the love to his nephews...

I find the great fail of Duck Tales was like always the Disney Company. We
needed Donald, the real Donald, the human, the Bark's Donald. The one who
talks, and feel...

Without the real thing, the pounding heart of Barks that live in his ando
other authors stories, we have nothing...
That heart is our NUMBER ONE ;-)

(night with crickets sounds in Buenos Aires)

bonvolu postu al


timo ronkainen

27.1.2003 klo 12.05.2427.1.2003
>Have Carl ever talked about his opinion about the DuckTales series and

Ankkalinnan Pamaus, fanzine of mine, printed article about Disney-animati=
written by Sauli Pesonen. There is a quote from private letter from Barks=
writer of the article. It goes (quoted directly from original source):

"The adaptations of some of my comic book stories into DuckTales animated=

cartoons could have been done better if the studio had
not felt they needed to pad my plots with non-stop pratfalls, plane crash=
fist fights, floods, cataclysms, and nail-biting
suspense. After 15 minutes of such high-speed violence, viewers forget wh=
the stories are about, and even lose track of where the
characters are."
Dated September 8th 1992.


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