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Berke Durak

Dec 4, 2007, 5:25:11 AM12/4/07
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Exalead is a French software editor based in central Paris and
developing enterprise search solutions and a web search engine
(http://exalead.fr/). Our young teams include web, natural language,
indexing, database and network specialists. We count a good number of
C hackers.

We develop an important part of our software in Exascript, our
extension of Java. Currently, we are rewriting our compiler in Ocaml
(it was originally written in C) and targeting the Java virtual
machine (instead of our in-house virtual machine).

To help with this task, Exalead is looking for a good hacker fluent in
Ocaml and C. Having some familiarity with Java and its virtual
machine is a plus.

We are looking for someone who:

- has an excellent grasp of low-level systems programming in C,
- has been hacking Ocaml for some time,
- has an understanding of garbage-collected virtual machines, and the
way they interact with native code,
- is familiar with compilation techniques,
- and likes to work in small teams and without formal specifications.

Tasks to be expected are as follows.

- Participate in the development of the Exascript compiler in a small
team of two to four people.
- Ensure that existing native C and C++ application-level code works
smoothly on the JVM.
- Examine the code base to detect parts that can be difficult to port,
possibly by developing automated analysis tools.
- Devise, run and interpret benchmarks, deduce possible optimizations
and implement them.
- Adapt and rewrite the base libraries to run under the JVM, using
existing Java components if possible.
- Adapt developer tools to work smoothly with Exascript (such as Emacs
modes or Eclipse plug-ins).

This is a permanent position for a full-time job.

If you are interested, write to berke...@exalead.com
Berke Durak, Exalead R&D Engineer

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