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[ocamlbuild] Order of include dirctories get modified

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Nov 2, 2015, 6:31:31 PM11/2/15
I'm trying to build Flowtype (see but fail because it seems there is some problem with the order the include directories are passed to ocamlc.opt. (See for more details on the issue in the Flowtype bugtracker).

In short: The following command is executed
ocamlbuild -no-links -I src/commands -I src/common -I src/dts -I src/embedded -I src/parser -I src/parsing -I src/server -I src/stubs -I src/typing -I hack/deps -I hack/dfind -I hack/find -I hack/globals -I hack/heap -I hack/parsing -I hack/procs -I hack/search -I hack/socket -I hack/stubs -I hack/third-party/avl -I hack/third-party/core -I hack/utils -I hack/third-party/inotify -I hack/fsnotify_linux -lib unix -lib str -lflags "hack/third-party/inotify/inotify_stubs.o hack/heap/hh_shared.o hack/hhi/hhi_elf.o hack/utils/files.o hack/utils/get_build_id.gen.o hack/utils/get_build_id.o hack/utils/handle_stubs.o hack/utils/nproc.o hack/utils/realpath.o hack/utils/sysinfo.o src/embedded/flowlib_elf.o -cclib -l -cclib elf " src/flow.native

Which results in a call of.

+ /usr/bin/ocamlc.opt -c -w A -warn-error A -w -27-32-34-45 -w -4-6-29-35-44-48-50 -I src/server -I hack/search -I hack/deps -I hack/heap -I hack/fsnotify_linux -I hack/stubs -I hack/dfind -I hack/find -I hack/procs -I hack/parsing -I hack/globals -I hack/socket -I hack/utils -I hack/third-party/avl -I hack/third-party/inotify -I hack/third-party/core -I src/parser -I src/common -I src/embedded -I src/commands -I src/stubs -I src/dts -I src/typing -I src/parsing -o src/server/autocompleteService_js.cmo src/server/
File "src/server/", line 128, characters 14-29:
Error: Unbound value Debug.json_of_t

See that the order of the passed in include directories has changed. In the call to ocamlbuild the flag -I src/typing was before -I hack/stubs. In both src/typing and hack/stubs there is a and the one in src/typing should be the one that gets used, but due to the changed order of include directories hack/stubs has precedence.

What could I do to force ocamlbuild to keep the order of the include directories?
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