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[Caml-list] OCaml packages in Fedora

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Richard Jones

May 29, 2007, 3:52:58 AM5/29/07
[This email is an update on recent efforts to get OCaml packages
included in the base Fedora distribution].

(1) Draft packaging guidelines for Fedora OCaml packages are published

It would be a great help if people could look at these and point out
any problems. Reports should go (in order of preference) to: that
Bugzilla entry (but you will need to create an account), follow up
here, or email me directly.

(2) I've packaged up some things already:

This list was chosen fairly randomly, in order that I could get some
of my own code to run for testing purposes. In the long run, I hope
we can package most things, but if you think there are important
packages that should be prioritised, please let me know.

(3) Would your school[*] / company / organisation be more inclined to
buy Red Hat Enterprise Linux licenses if it came with high quality
OCaml packages? Having packages is nice, but having a business case
behind them is better. Please mail me if so.

(4) Lastly, if you would like to join or follow the effort, you can
join the SIG here:


[*] Educational discounts are available.

Richard Jones
Red Hat

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