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Dec 17, 2009, 1:56:54 PM12/17/09
to caml users
This post announces the 1.0 release of the following projects:
- Bisect: coverage tool;
- Bolt: logging tool;
- Kaputt: testing tool.

=== Bisect ===
Home page: http://bisect.x9c.fr
Main changes since 1.0-beta:
- '-enable' / '-disable' command-line switches to control instrumentation
- support for multithread applications
- new output mode: EMMA-compatible XML (*)
- support for ocamlfind installation
- major code refactoring and improvement
- bug #41: '-I' command-line switch to specify search path

=== Bolt ===
Home page: http://bolt.x9c.fr
Main changes since 1.0-beta:
- support for multithread applications
- support for plugins
- support for printf-like notation in "LOG" statements
- support for ocamlfind installation
- various minor fixes

=== Kaputt ===
Home page: http://kaputt.x9c.fr
Main changes since 1.0-beta:
- support for enumeration-based tests
- new output mode: JUnit-compatible XML (*)
- more tests
- support for ocamlfind installation
- minor code refactoring and improvement
- bug #45: better handling of dependencies to 'bigarray' and 'num'

(*) these output modes are especially useful for combination with tools
like Hudson (continuous integration server - http://hudson-ci.org/).

Xavier Clerc

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