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Stevan Little

Jan 27, 2007, 8:16:27 PM1/27/07
to Caml List
Hello all,

I would like to announce the first release of our new unit testing
framework for OCaml. It can be downloaded from our website here:


It is based heavily on the Perl unit testing framework of the same
name, and produces TAP output (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
Test_Anything_Protocol) which can be read and analyzed by a wide
range of existing Perl tools. The goal of this framework is to make
writing unit tests as simple and as easy as possible (hence the
name). Here is a basic example taken from the TestSimple test suite

#use "topfind";;
#require "testSimple";;

open TestSimple;;

plan 9;;

diag "... testing O'Caml TestSimple v0.01 ";;
ok true "... ok passed";;
is 2 2 "... is <int> <int> passed";;
is 2. 2. "... is <float> <float> passed";;
is "foo" "foo" "... is <string> <string> passed";;
is [] [] "... is <'a list> <'a list> passed";;
is [1;2;3] [1;2;3] "... is <int list> <int list> passed";;
is ["foo";"bar"] ["foo";"bar"] "... is <string list> <string
list> passed";;
is (1,"foo") (1,"foo") "... is <int * string> <int * string>
is TAPDocument.Ok TAPDocument.Ok "... is <type> <type> passed";;

As this is our first released OCaml library, any and all feedback is
very much appreciated.


Stevan Little

Senior Developer - Infinity Interactive

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