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Gerd Stolpmann

Jun 24, 2008, 5:36:20 AM6/24/08
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Hi list,

GODI finally releases a new version of the core environment, code name
RocketBoost. This is now considered as being stable.

There are not many new features in this release, so there is often no
reason to switch to it if you already have GODI.

The big news is that GODI now supports the MinGW port of OCaml for
Windows (besides the Cygwin port). This means that it is now possible to
create native Windows applications with GODI. Note, however, that the
porting effort is still in its beginning - GODI itself works, but most
packages aren't ported yet, and won't work. The MinGW support is
considered as experimental, but we hope to provide a more comprehensive
set of packages in the future when O'Caml 3.11 becomes available.

The MinGW port has become possible because large parts of the GODI
core have been rewritten. In particular, the C programs accompanying
godi_console are now coded in O'Caml (godi_make, godi_add, etc.), so
porting was possible by enhancing a few O'Caml libraries. This
refactoring of GODI also increases the portability in the Unix world -
effectively it should now run on all platforms where OCaml runs, where
gcc is available, and where POSIX-compliant shell utilities are

RocketBoost is now available from

There is no way to upgrade an existing GODI installation to RocketBoost
due to heavy changes in the GODI core.

Please read the included README for installation instructions.
Especially if you want to install on Windows read it carefully.

Note that RocketBoost still defaults to O'Caml 3.10.1. An upgrade to
3.10.2 will follow in the next days.

A lot of fun!

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