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Oct 10, 2006, 11:11:38 AM10/10/06
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demexp 0.8 is out! demexp is an electronic voting system for wide
scale direct democracy. demexp is developed mainly to support the
democractic experience project (http://www.demexp.org), but can be
used in other contexts (communities, firms, ...).

Briefly, demexp allows to ask questions ("votes"), to submit
answers to those questions ("candidate answers"), and to vote on
the submitted answers to elect a winning answer (using Condorcet voting

demexp is implemented as a centralized server and a GTK2 graphical
client (a Drupal web client will be available soon). A classification
system allows to navigate through questions.

* What's new in 0.8?
- New configuration file that supports version upgrading;
- Support for client internationalization;
- Translations of the (English) client in French and Esperanto;
- Experimental web client in OCaml (using WDialog);
- Improvement of the Windows installer;
- simplification of the client's interface;
- tooltips on column titles;
- various bug fixes on the client and the server.

* How can I try it?
The most recent version of the sources (in OCaml) are here:

Main code is under GNU General Public License (GPL). It relies on
external libraries and code of which licenses are GPL compatible
(see source code for details).

Once compiled use it to connect to the demonstration server:
$ demexp-gtk2-client demexp://demo.demexp.org:50000

Packages are also available for various Linux distributions (althought
most of them are not 0.8-ready yet). Have a loot at:

* Other links

Development: http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/demexp
demexp software wiki: http://www.demexp.org/en/
Democratic experience political project: http://www.demexp.org

Have fun!

David MENTRE -- demexp lead developer
Félix HENRY -- demexp participant

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