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[Caml-list] overbld (ocaml+libraries under mingw) - binary release

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dmitry grebeniuk

Apr 27, 2010, 5:50:18 AM4/27/10

I've finally resolved the 'license' question that was worrying me
for a long time because of my stupidity, and now we are ready to
present windows binary installer of OCaml/MinGW + libraries.

Moreover, there are _two_ installers.
They share in common the following features:
- OCaml+libraries for win32 mingw
- Fresh versions of OCaml, fresh versions of libraries. New libraries
are added too, if they are cool _and_ portable, _or_ if you want to
share the library or the way to compile it under mingw and you have
tested the library somehow.
- Set the environment variables (either "source /path/" for
bash or "call c:\path\set-vars.bat" for windows shell) and use OCaml,
misc OCaml libraries, MinGW, MSYS, Mercurial, ActiveState Tcl/Tk, GTK,

Things that are specific to binary builds:
- You don't need to compile anything to use OCaml+libraries.
- You can install it only to fixed path, due to hardcoded paths in
OCaml, findlib and maybe some other libraries.

Things that are specific for source builds:
- You can get new sources instantly, before the compilation process
that installer runs, and you can update sources anytime you need
(that's a direct way to contribute (very welcome!). If you have
installed the sources, you can add new library or fix something in old
libraries quickly, and share the results, and so on -- the opensource
- Mercurial repository for sources, MercurialQueues for testing new
features (for example, you can apply mq patches to test new unreleased
OCaml 3.12 from SVN trunk or to see my miserable attempts to port
JoCaml under MinGW).

Here is the list of libraries in overbld:
batteries camlidl camltemplate camlzip camomile cryptokit deriving
extlib findlib json-static json-wheel lablgtk2 lwt menhir objsize
ocaml-bitstring ocaml-sqlite3 ocaml-ssl ocamlgraph ocamlnet omake
ounit pa_do pa_safeuse pcre-ocaml react sexplib type-conv ulex xmlm

The installers are distributed via BitTorrent (due to large size).
The .torrent files are available at

The project is hosted at , since
sourceforge allows the read-only access to repository for anonymous
users, but there is a mirror on (updated manually). Due
to the nature of DVCS, there is an exact copy of the repository in the
source installer.

Please, use our bugtracker ( ) for
feedback and bug reports, new [possible] features, suggestions and so
on. We really appreciate your feedback!

With best regards, the guys that do the dirty work: Dmitry
Grebeniuk, Roman Sokolov.

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