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Stéphane Glondu

Apr 19, 2010, 3:03:37 PM4/19/10
to caml-list, ocs...@sympa.mancoosi.univ-paris-diderot.fr

The Lwt team is pleased to announce the release of Lwt 2.1.0. You can
download it at:


Here is a list of changes from the previous version (2.0.0):

* Rename Lwt.select to Lwt.pick
* Removing module Lwt_monitor in favour of Lwt_mutex and
new module Lwt_condition
* More react helpers:
- Lwt_event.next
- Lwt_event.limit and Lwt_signal.limit
- Lwt_event.from
* Adding function Lwt_main.fast_yield
* Adding unit tests
* Optimisation of Lwt
* Adding module Lwt_log for logging
* Adding a camlp4 filter for remmoving logging statement or inlining
* Adding module Lwt_daemon
* Adding function Lwt_unix.recv_msg and Lwt_unix.send_msg
* Adding function Lwt_unix.wait4
* Adding function Lwt_io.establish_server
* Adding module Lwt_list
* Enhancement in Lwt_process, it now support redirections and
* Allow to use select on arbitrary high file descriptors
* More commands and features in Lwt_read_line:
- Handle "undo" command
- New controlable read-lines instances
- More edition commands
- Completion as you type
- Backward search
* Enhancement in Lwt_term: more drawing functions and allow to
put the terminal into drawing mode
* Optimisation of Lwt_stream
* Optimisation of Lwt_io.write_char and Lwt_io.read_char
* Bugfix of Lwt_stream: two parallel Lwt_stream.get
returned the same value
* Bugfix in Lwt_unix.connect: it returned immediatly on EINPROGRESS
* Bugfixes in Lwt_glib: file descriptors were not monitored correctly


Stéphane Glondu, on behalf of the Lwt team

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