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Damien Doligez

Sep 18, 2006, 7:16:25 AM9/18/06
to caml users

Hello world,

It is our pleasure to announce the release of OCaml version 3.09.3.
This is mainly a bug-fix release, see the list of changes below.

It is available at the following URL:
< http://caml.inria.fr/download.en.html >

Happy hacking,

-- Damien Doligez for the OCaml team.

Objective Caml 3.09.3:

Bug fixes:
- ocamldoc: -using modtype constraint to filter module elements
in doc PR#4016
- ocamldoc: error in merging of top dependencies of modules PR#4007
- ocamldoc: -dot-colors has no effect PR#3981
- ocamdloc: missing crossref in text from intro files PR#4066
- compilers: segfault with recursive modules PR#4008
- compilers: infinite loop when compiling objects PR#4018
- compilers: bad error message when signature mismatch PR#4001
- compilers: infinite loop with -rectypes PR#3999
- compilers: contravariance bug in private rows
- compilers: unsafe cast with polymorphic exception PR#4002
- native compiler: bad assembly code generated for AMD64 PR#4067
- native compiler: stack alignment problems on MacOSX/i386 PR#4036
- stdlib: crash in marshalling PR#4030
- stdlib: crash when closing a channel twice PR#4039
- stdlib: memory leak in Sys.readdir PR#4093
- C interface: better definition of CAMLreturn PR#4068
- otherlibs/unix: crash in gethostbyname PR#3043
- tools: subtle problem with unset in makefile PR#4048
- camlp4: install pa_o_fast.o PR#3812
- camlp4: install more modules PR#3689

New features:
- ocamldoc: name resolution in cross-referencing {!name}: if name is not
found, then it is searched in the parent module/class, and in
the parent
of the parent, and so on until it is found.
- ocamldoc: new option -short-functors to use a short form to display
functors in html generator PR#4017
- ocamlprof: added "-version" option

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Aleksey Nogin

Oct 30, 2006, 1:42:59 PM10/30/06
to caml users
Hello all,

I've built binary RPMs (Red Hat packages) of OCaml 3.09.3 for Fedora 2,
3, 4, 5, and 6 and for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4. Download them from


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