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Damien Doligez

Jan 11, 2008, 6:34:51 AM1/11/08
to caml users
Hello world,

It is our pleasure to announce the release of OCaml version 3.10.1.
This is mainly a bug-fix release, see the list of changes below.

It is available here:
< ftp://ftp.inria.fr/INRIA/cristal/caml-light/ocaml-3.10/ocaml-3.10.1.tar.bz2
and here:
< ftp://ftp.inria.fr/INRIA/cristal/caml-light/ocaml-3.10/ocaml-3.10.1.tar.gz

It will soon be available on the OCaml download page:
< http://caml.inria.fr/download.en.html >

Happy hacking,

-- Damien Doligez for the OCaml team.

Objective Caml 3.10.1:

Bug fixes:
- PR#3830 small bugs in docs
- PR#4053 compilers: improved compilation time for large variant types
- PR#4174 ocamlopt: fixed ocamlopt -nopervasives
- PR#4199 otherlibs: documented a small problem in Unix.utimes
- PR#4280 camlp4: parsing of identifier (^)
- PR#4281 camlp4: parsing of type constraint
- PR#4285 runtime: cannot compile under AIX
- PR#4286 ocamlbuild: cannot compile under AIX and SunOS
- PR#4288 compilers: including a functor application with side effects
- PR#4295 camlp4 toplevel: synchronization after an error
- PR#4300 ocamlopt: crash with backtrace and illegal array access
- PR#4302 camlp4: list comprehension parsing problem
- PR#4304 ocamlbuild: handle -I correctly
- PR#4305 stdlib: alignment of Arg.Symbol
- PR#4307 camlp4: assertion failure
- PR#4312 camlp4: accept "let _ : int = 1"
- PR#4313 ocamlbuild: -log and missing directories
- PR#4315 camlp4: constraints in classes
- PR#4316 compilers: crash with recursive modules and Lazy
- PR#4318 ocamldoc: installation problem with Cygwin (tentative fix)
- PR#4322 ocamlopt: stack overflow under Windows
- PR#4325 compilers: wrong error message for unused var
- PR#4326 otherlibs: marshal Big_int on win64
- PR#4327 ocamlbuild: make emacs look for .annot in _build directory
- PR#4328 camlp4: stack overflow with nil nodes
- PR#4331 camlp4: guards on fun expressions
- PR#4332 camlp4: parsing of negative 32/64 bit numbers
- PR#4336 compilers: unsafe recursive modules
- PR#4337 (note) camlp4: invalid character escapes
- PR#4339 ocamlopt: problems on HP-UX (tentative fix)
- PR#4340 camlp4: wrong pretty-printing of optional arguments
- PR#4348 ocamlopt: crash on Mac Intel
- PR#4349 camlp4: bug in private type definitions
- PR#4350 compilers: type errors with records and polymorphic variants
- PR#4352 compilers: terminal recursion under Windows (tentative fix)
- PR#4354 ocamlcp: mismatch with ocaml on polymorphic let
- PR#4358 ocamlopt: float constants wrong on ARM
- PR#4360 ocamldoc: string inside comment
- PR#4365 toplevel: wrong pretty-printing of polymorphic variants
- PR#4373 otherlibs: leaks in win32unix
- PR#4374 otherlibs: threads module not initialized
- PR#4375 configure: fails to build on bytecode-only architectures
- PR#4377 runtime: finalisation of infix pointers
- PR#4378 ocamlbuild: typo in plugin.ml
- PR#4379 ocamlbuild: problem with plugins under Windows
- PR#4382 compilers: typing of polymorphic record fields
- PR#4383 compilers: including module with private type
- PR#4385 stdlib: Int32/Int64.format are unsafe
- PR#4386 otherlibs: wrong signal numbers with Unix.sigprocmask etc.
- PR#4387 ocamlbuild: build directory not used properly
- PR#4392 ocamldep: optional argument of class
- PR#4394 otherlibs: infinite loops in Str
- PR#4397 otherlibs: wrong size for flag arrays in win32unix
- PR#4402 ocamldebug: doesn't work with -rectypes
- PR#4410 ocamlbuild: problem with plugin and -build
- PR#4411 otherlibs: crash with Unix.access under Windows
- PR#4412 stdlib: marshalling broken on 64 bit architectures
- PR#4413 ocamlopt: crash on AMD64 with out-of-bound access and reraise
- PR#4417 camlp4: pretty-printing of unary minus
- PR#4419 camlp4: problem with constraint in type class
- PR#4426 compilers: problem with optional labels
- PR#4427 camlp4: wrong pretty-printing of lists of functions
- PR#4433 ocamlopt: fails to build on MacOSX 10.5
- PR#4435 compilers: crash with objects
- PR#4439 fails to build on MacOSX 10.5
- PR#4441 crash when build on sparc64 linux
- PR#4442 stdlib: crash with weak pointers
- PR#4446 configure: fails to detect X11 on MacOSX 10.5
- PR#4448 runtime: huge page table on 64-bit architectures
- PR#4450 compilers: stack overflow with recursive modules
- PR#4470 compilers: type-checking of recursive modules too restrictive
- PR#4472 configure: autodetection of libX11.so on Fedora x86_64
- printf: removed (partially implemented) positional specifications
- polymorphic < and <= comparisons: some C compiler optimizations
were causing incorrect results when arguments are incomparable

New features:
- made configure script work on PlayStation 3
- ARM port: brought up-to-date for Debian 4.0 (Etch)
- many other small changes and bugfixes in camlp4, ocamlbuild, labltk,
emacs files

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