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Feb 13, 2007, 7:09:35 AM2/13/07
to Ocaml

If you are a student, you want to apply to OCaml Summer Project
(http://osp2007.janestcapital.com/) but you don't have a subject at
hand, we have a project for you: ;-)
*Write an OCaml web interface for the demexp software*

Demexp is an electronic voting software designed for direct democracy
with special features (Condorcet voting algorithm, vote delegation,
vote change at any time, ...). More information at https://demexp.org/
I personally hope that one day people are going to come to OCaml
because of demexp. :-)

Currently, the demexp software is a client/server application,
entirely written in OCaml. We use LablGTK for the client which is
supported on Windows and Linux. But in order to ease deployment of our
software, we need a web interface that could be accessed through a
regular web browser. We have a very rudimentary prototype of such a
web interface (written with WDialog) but a more elaborate and
maintainable interface is heartily needed.

A first draft of things to implement is given in those messages:

Such an interface could be implemented with a modern OCaml web
framework like Ocsigen. Our software is generally under GNU GPL
license but we can use another one if desired (BSD like for example).

Feel free to ask questions or comments, but preferably on demexp-dev@
mailing list or directly to myself to avoid polluting caml-list.

Best wishes,
david -- demexp lead developer

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