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Yaron Minsky

Jun 7, 2006, 6:39:29 PM6/7/06
to caml...@inria.fr
I'm pleased to announce that Jane Street Capital is yet again actively
looking to hire some top-notch functional programmers.

Jane Street Capital (http://janestcapital.com) is a proprietary
trading company located in Manhattan, and we're looking to hire
developers interested in working on trading systems and
infrastructure, all built in OCaml.

Jane Street is an open and informal environment (you can wear shorts
and a t-shirt to the office), and the work is technically challenging
and wide-ranging. Pay is competitive, and we're a reasonably small
company (around 100 employees), so advancement is pretty quick for
someone who performs well.

Here's what we're looking for (in no particular order):

- Strong programming skills. Pretty much all of our programming is
in OCaml, so being a solid Caml hacker is a big plus. Extra points
for deep knowledge of OCaml internals and experience wrapping
thorny libraries. But we're also interested in great programmers
who we are convinced will be able to pick up OCaml quickly, so
anyone with a high-level of proficiency with functional languages
would be a good match.

- A commitment to the practical. Our work is tightly integrated with
our trading operation, and we work very hard to keep our work
relevant. One of the big attractions of the job is the opportunity
to apply serious ideas to real-world problems.

- Great communication skills. We need people who can explain things
clearly and cogently.

- Strong mathematical and analytic skills. We want people who can
solve difficult technical problems, and think clearly and
mathematically about all sorts of problems.

- Strong Unix/Linux skills --- We're looking for someone who knows
their way around the standard Unix tools, can write makefiles,
shell scripts, etc. We're also very interested in people with
serious systems administration and architecture experience.

If you're interested (or have any students you think might be a good
match) and would be willing to relocate to New York, please send a
cover-letter and resume to:


And you can get more information about us here:


Note for foreign applicants: it is never too early to apply! The
quote for this year for H1-B visas is already filled, so the earliest
possible hiring date is October 2007.

Yaron Minsky <ymi...@janestcapital.com>

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Yaron Minsky

Jun 8, 2006, 4:21:54 PM6/8/06
to caml...@inria.fr
A quick note: my email was down earlier today, but is back up now, in
case anyone was trying to reach me.


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