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[Caml-list] ANN: XmlRpc-Light - XML-RPC client for OCaml

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Dave Benjamin

Jul 12, 2007, 1:30:36 AM7/12/07

I'm working on an XML-RPC client library for OCaml called XmlRpc-Light.
It's very small and simple, and it only depends on Xml-Light and
Ocamlnet so it's easy to compile and install. It's still under early
development, and currently is only a client, though the pieces are there
to build a server as well. Any suggestions, contributions, or criticism
are gladly accepted.

Project page:

Main module:

Simple example:
let rpc = new XmlRpc.client "http://localhost:8000" in
let result = rpc#call "echo" [`String "hello!"] in
print_endline (XmlRpc.dump result)

Complex example (wrapper for WordPress blog API):

PDF documentation:

The license is LGPL with the special exception for linking, same as
Xml-Light. Thanks to Nicolas Cannasse for writing Xml-Light and for
letting me use an adapted version of his Base64 codec from ExtLib.
Thanks also to Gerd Stolpmann for the amazingly capable Ocamlnet
library, of which I'm barely beginning to scratch the surface.

Just another OCaml hacker,

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