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[Caml-list] Call for participation: ML 2015

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Jeremy Yallop

Jul 25, 2015, 8:22:08 PM7/25/15
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Higher-order, Typed, Inferred, Strict: ACM SIGPLAN ML Family Workshop
Thursday 3 September 2015, Vancouver, Canada (co-located with ICFP)

Call For Participation:

Early registration deadline: Monday 3 August 2015
Register online:

The ML Family Workshop brings together researchers, implementors and
users of languages in the extended ML family and provides a forum to
present and discuss common issues, both practical (compilation
techniques, tooling, embedded programming) and theoretical (fancy
types, module systems, type inference).

ML 2015 will be held in Vancouver on 3 September, immediately after
ICFP and close to a number of other related events, including the
OCaml Workshop on the following day.


(Talk times and abstracts are available from the workshop website:

* The History of Standard ML: Ideas, Principles, Culture
(Invited Talk)
David MacQueen

* Generating code with polymorphic let
Oleg Kiselyov

* Polymorphism, subtyping and type inference in MLsub
Stephen Dolan and Alan Mycroft

* Arduino programming of ML-style in ATS
Kiwamu Okabe and Hongwei Xi

* Resource monitoring for Poly/ML processes
David Matthews, Magnus Stenqvist and Tjark Weber

* Full dependency and user-defined effects in F*
Nikhil Swamy, Cătălin Hriţcu, Chantal Keller, Pierre-Yves Strub,
Aseem Rastogi, Antoine Delignat-Lavaud, Karthikeyan Bhargavan, and
Cédric Fournet

* Dependent types for real-time constraints
William Blair and Hongwei Xi

* Manifest contracts for OCaml
Yuki Nishida and Atsushi Igarashi

* Lost in extraction, recovered
Éric Tanter and Nicolas Tabareau

* GADTs and exhaustiveness: looking for the impossible
Jacques Garrigue and Jacques Le Normand

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