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[Caml-list] ANN: CamlPDF 0.3

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John Whitington

Mar 5, 2008, 5:23:10 AM3/5/08

I've just uploaded a new version of our library for reading and
writing PDF files from within Ocaml - CamlPDF. New features:

o CCITTFaxDecode support (Group 3 1D and Group 4)
o Fully re-entrant
o Parsing of Type 3 fonts
o Bit-by-bit operations (e.g some decoders) much faster

and of course many bugfixes and improvements. Thanks to those who've
provided suggestions for this release.

For the next release I'm planning on bringing a bunch of high level
operations I wrote for our commercial software into the library:
suggestions on that requested.

John Whitington
Coherent Graphics Ltd

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