Summary: Problems after FirmwareUpgrade Alphastation 255

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Harald Volz

Oct 26, 1998, 3:00:00 AM10/26/98

I had two problems:
1. my audio adapter was not accessible
2. I could not install the OS via bootp

The first problem was solved by Olle Eriksson:

To reinstall the sound give the console command add_sound.
I would also do "isacfg -init" before doing this. Most of your problems
are related to ISA-bus problems.

The second problem was solved by Compaq-Service:
instead of using joind on the Ris-Server I tried bootpd and it worked.
It seems that joind still has some bugs. Unfortunately the obsolete
bootpd will not be part of DU 5.0.
The Service told me, that the error message "panic (cpu0):
vfs_mountroot, cannot mount root" is very unspecific and can be caused
by a lot of problems.

Thanks to Olle Eriksson,Serguei Patchkovskii, Dejan Muhamedagic, Richard
Rogers who answered to my query.

harald volz


today I tried to install a 4.0b from scratch on an Alphastation 255
First I updated the firmware (via bootp) with the as255_v7_8.exe
After a power cycle there are several problems:

booting to the console shows the errormessage:
NO sound device in ISA table, skipping sound init - I had never this
error and I'm sure there is a sound card installed.

Trying to install 4.0b via a RIS-Server fails:
the machine is booting the network-kernel
but shows the warning
PowerManager failed to register CPU0 handler
and then stops with the error message:
panic (cpu0): vfs_mountroot
cannot mount root
DUMP: no primary swap, no explicit dumpdev
nowhere to put header
giving up


thereis an environment variable dumpdev but it's not set.
booting the old 3.2 system seems to work but an error message is showing
Preposterous time in TOY, check and reset the date.

My questions:
how can I reinstall my soundcard?
how can I install the 4.0b via network (the machine has no CD-ROM!)?


thank you
Harald Volz
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