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Martin Kirk

Jun 16, 2022, 8:13:58 AM6/16/22
to Fat-Free Framework

F3 newbie here, trying to find out the best way to render partials.  I'm not using F3's templating engine but instead using PHP templates with F3's View::instance()->render() method.

I have a controller with the following method:

public function dashboard($f3)
    $body = View::instance()->render('app/views/dashboard.php');
    $f3->set('body', $body);
    $this->f3->set('ESCAPE', false);
     echo View::instance()->render('app/views/core_master.php');
     $this->f3->set('ESCAPE', true);

The core_master.php template has a single placeholder for $body, which I want to fill with the partial.

If I don't use the f3->set('ESCAPE', true) directive then my partial has html entities encoded and so doesn't render properly.

Is there another approach that doesn't require me to set ESCAPE to false?



Jun 18, 2022, 2:49:57 AM6/18/22
to Fat-Free Framework
Rename files to .html

In your master.html template simply add:

  <?php echo $this->render('dashboard.html');  ?>

or with dynamic variable:   <?php echo $this->render(Base::instance()->get('body')); ?>

escaping contents is described here ;)

Martin Kirk

Jun 20, 2022, 8:55:02 AM6/20/22
to Fat-Free Framework

Thanks Ikkez, I hadn't thought of calling $this->render() from within the master template, that achieves what I need.

I haven't renamed my templates to .html as you suggest, surely that would prevent me from using <?php echo ... ?> in my templates?
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