installing beams + folding mechanism

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May 11, 2009, 9:28:14 AM5/11/09
to F22 Builders
Within two weeks I'll install the beams + floats. I won't have much
time to do it (couple of hours - need to clear the area in front of my
workshop by the end of the day) so I hope to get some good ideas +
tips to get all the work done as quickly & easy as possible.

My idea is to keep the boat on the trailer and level the boat by
jacking the trailer: one fixed support on on side of the axle of the
trailer, one jack on the other end of the axle and one jack at the
front end. What do you people think, will this work?

My other idea: make two box sections 3 meter long, 25 cm wide, of
plywood + fir battens as a 'dummy deck' of the floats, complete with
holes for the two beam bolts + location pins. This way it's easy to
get + keep the beams spaced at the right distance, and this will also
keep the beams level fore and aft (I mean: the fore and aft beam will
sit flush on the deck of the float). The box sections can be supported
at the right height fore and aft with some sort of adjustable support.

For the rest I can't think of other things to speed up or facilitate
the procedure outlined in the plans.

Again: any tips/hints are welcome, also an indication of the typical
time needed to install the beams would be helpful.
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