Psychodrama and Expressive Art Therapies of Texas

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Hello fellow expressive art therapists/students or other interested non-professionals of Texas. Please feel free to post wherever your content is relevant, and remember you can change your email delivery settings to whatever you prefer.  While we can discuss method, we're not a peer review group where clients are discussed.  We may start one separately in the future, but for now, this group is mostly for networking and growing the whole culture of Expressive Healing Arts.

Our posts can connect us toward the growth of unique therapies, especially the expressive arts, and psychodrama is set currently as a first category.  Simple networking, workshop announcements, office leasing, travel discussions are available here.  We're happy to support the community in this fashion because we see healing as a terrific goal. And we believe our world needs as much service as possible toward this aim. In service to the healing arts, best regards to us all...  Sincerely - group moderators.


Reminder : Protect your own privacy - This is not a tightly monitored group, welcoming professionals and non-professionals, but feel free to notify us of any concerns and it'll be handled as best as possible.  Obvious issues are deleted asap. 

Please feel free to offer ideas on edits and management suggestions, in the category for that.  Also feel free to introduce yourself below, this is a new category option.