[ANN] Xidel adds the EXPath file module

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Benito van der Zander

Jun 8, 2016, 6:03:06 PM6/8/16
to EXPath
Xidel is a cli tool to run queries on X/HTML documents and JSON data downloaded from the web using XPath 3.0, XQuery 3.0 or JSONiq.

The new 0.9.4 release now implements the EXPath file module.

It also:

* completes support for XQuery 3.0 and XPath 3.0, e.g. functions format-*, math:* functions
* uses a new underlying regular expression engine, FLRE, which supports Unicode, \p,\c,\i character classes and is supposed to be extremely fast
* stricter error conditions, invalid XPath queries that were previously evaluated are now rejected, for example
  in regular expressions (?i) or \b, (1 + if(..) then ...) instead of (1 + (if(..) then ...)),  gYear("123") instead of gYear("0123")
* this improves the XQuery Test Suite conformance and it passes basically 100% of the XPath 2 tests and over 99.5% of the XQuery 3 tests
* supports the  to write or read local files
* custom functions: random($max), random-seed(), x:product($seq)
* new multipage template statements: <try><catch>, <else>
* the error raising HTTP codes are now customizable
* the headers of the last HTTP request can be accessed via $headers
* improved debugging facilities: Evaluation tracing, colored output, improved error messages
* the default data model for primitive types is now XML Schema 1.1 and Unicode 8.0 conformant
* boolean operations are short-cut evaluated
* --quiet/-q was renamed to --silent/-s
* check for XIDEL_OPTIONS environment variable
* various fixes and performance improvements

You can download binaries and source at http://www.videlibri.de/xidel.html


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