New Instrument posted! Exertion Guitar #2

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Noah Vawter

Jun 26, 2010, 3:31:59 PM6/26/10
to exertionmusic-discuss

Hello everyone!

I have posted pictures of a new Exertion Instrument up at


It's held like a guitar, and it's polyphonic like a guitar with
six simultaneous string sounds! It is actually programmed to respond
similarly to a guitar. When you slide the slider, you power the
instrument briefly, and it makes chords based on your fingering. For
example, if you press C, then it plays a C Major chord, F means an F
Major chord, G makes a G Major chord, etc. So, now you can play basic
Beatles songs. The duration, volume, and timbre of the sound are all
connected to the sliding motion: Slide quickly and it plays the
virtual strings loudly and with little delay between them. Slide
slowly, and it is quiet. If anyone wants more information, or would
like help building one of these, you can browse through the wiki, or
post here.

-Noah! (very excited)
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