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Xiuyun Ye

Oct 27, 2021, 5:10:37 AMOct 27
to Excel-DNA
Hi team,
We deployed our addin into one share folder, and many user will access it at same time.

And issue as descripted in title will happen some times, do you have idea why it happen? 

And I see one question relevant with this topic, but he didn't share solution:

It’s better to have the .xll copied locally – sometimes there are problems if it is opened from a network share, and you can’t update it while other users have the add-in open.

And how update action will happen for this .xll file?

Govert van Drimmelen

Oct 27, 2021, 5:41:49 AMOct 27
to Excel-DNA
Excel-DNA is now registered on GitHub Sponsors.
You can add Excel-DNA support with easy billing through a corporate GitHub account.

You might consider an approach where there are two separate add-ins.
One add-in is a loader add-in which is installed on the user's machine locally and registered as an add-in with Excel to load at startup.
This add-in then check the network and loads the 'real' add-in when it starts.

There is some sample code for how the master / slave add-ins might work here: Samples/MasterSlave at master · Excel-DNA/Samples (


Xiuyun Ye

Oct 27, 2021, 7:08:29 AMOct 27
to Excel-DNA
Thanks Govert, this solution(master-slave mode) will resolve my issue right?
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