Using Bing Maps API as default and falling back to Google Maps API

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Prerna Sampat

Aug 22, 2013, 3:32:08 PM8/22/13
Hi Friends-

First of all, THANK YOU!  The work you've put in to the site and macro's you've worked on are phenomenal.

I am doing geocoding on ~10k daily for the next several days and I'm hitting Google Maps API limits. I got a Bing API key and inputted it into the "geocoding parameters" sheet, but I can't figure out how to actually get the geocode button in the "step by step master" to switch to Bing Maps API instead of Google Maps API. Your guidance would be helpful as it was unclear from the documentation for me.

Since Google Maps API is a lot better at finding addresses without complete data than Bing Maps API, I'd ideally like the macro to attempt to find all the addresses using Bing Maps API and then attempt Google Maps API for the ones that were not found by Bing Maps API. This would also be helpful in terms of not hitting Google Maps API limit. But I can do this manually if this is difficult to pull off, so if you could at least answer my first question, I'd be very grateful.

Prerna Sampat

Prerna Sampat

Aug 27, 2013, 11:53:29 AM8/27/13
Hi Everyone-

  1. Download the  Google Maps workbook
  2. Amend Columns A,B,C in the VenueMaster workbook to your data
  3. Hit one of the buttons on that page to geocode (with Google, Bing, yahoo , create a KML file or plot the addresses on a map using Google, Yahoo, Bing or OVI.
  4. Read how it works below.  You will normally not need to do any coding - just possible tweak a parameter sheet. For example here is all that is needed to Plot addresses on a google map or a Bing Map, where the argument is the name of a parameter sheet.

I've re-read the documentation over and over and am coming to the conclusion that googleMapping.xlsm was revised to a new version and the buttons for geocoding using Bing, Yahoo and OVI were removed?  I'm a newbie to working with macros, so I'm sure I've got to be missing something.  Would greatly appreciate your help to be able to complete this project!


Bruce McPherson

Aug 27, 2013, 1:43:23 PM8/27/13
Yes there were some changes to the Apis. I'll take a look at them next week to see if they can be reinstated easily. However if you download cdataset.xlsm, I think there is a yahoo geocoder in there that points to the updated yahoo that should work.


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Sep 1, 2013, 5:42:53 AM9/1/13
GoogleMapping.xlsm now updated to use revised APIs for Bing and Yahoo geocoding in addition to existing google geocoding. Yahoo seems pretty good still - Bing still sucks


Oct 11, 2013, 8:19:57 AM10/11/13
Hi All,
First, this is great thing you provided here. Many thanks Bruce.
I am a new user and want clean addresses arount 300,000. I would be grateful to you if you could guide me and provide the best way to do it.
While using this i am facing some errors, mentioned below
1) Using Google API, got an error which shows
   'Unable to geomap - status  OVER_QUERY_LIMIT:url'.
2) Using Yahoo API, i used 1000 addresses. Its cleaning but some addresses are return blank.
Is there any number limit to clean addresses? (like 10k ata time or more)
This is my humble request, please guide me on this.
Sachin Parkhe

Bruce Mcpherson

Oct 11, 2013, 9:36:48 AM10/11/13
There is a strict query limit from google on free accounts. 

You can get a business account which has a higher limit.
If you do that, here is how to apply your credentials in VBA

Yahoo seems to be able to do more without an api key, but the results are not so good. 

If you can only use the free accounts, I recommend you do it in smaller chunks, initially with Yahoo, then copy the unresolved ones to a different sheet to be done with Google. 

Im afraid i cant suggest anything else, as these are the limits that google places on free accounts.




Oct 14, 2013, 5:21:04 AM10/14/13
Thanks Bruce, will do accordinlgy.
Great help.
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