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Oct 6, 2013, 1:08:27 PM10/6/13
I try to convert the JSON with the following code
Sub toto()
Dim dSet As New cDataSet, cb As New cBrowser, jo As New cJobject

.populateJSON jo.deSerialize( _
.httpGET( _
"" _
) _
).child("series"), Range("Feuil1!$a$1")
End Sub

I can get the data "series" but I'd also get the "data" data and I can not do it by changing the code.

Below the JSON file
{"series":[{"label":"Fibaro Plug - Watts","Id":50,"data":[[1380987292000,5],[1380987301000,13],[1380987441000,13],[1380987565000,7],[1380987693000,8],[1380987817000,4],[1380987940000,7],[1380988064000,4],[1380988187000,12],[1380988310000,8],[1380988433000,6],[1380988558000,8],[1380988683000,12],[1380988806000,11],[1380988931000,7],[1380989054000,7],[1380989177000,7],[1380989301000,11],[1380989425000,6],[1380989549000,13],[1380989673000,7],[1380989797000,7],[1380989921000,9],[1380990045000,10],[1380990172000,10],[1380990298000,10],[1380990422000,13],[1380990545000,7],[1380990668000,4],[1380990803000,5],[1380990943000,12],[1380991068000,7]],"pointsRet":425,"pointsTot":7379,"min":0,"max":316}],"procTime":2.96,"min":1380987292,"max":1381073692}

Could you help me?

Bruce Mcpherson

Oct 8, 2013, 4:56:48 AM10/8/13
populateJSON is only for use with JSON that have been specifically formatted by the cdataset,serialize() method, as described in 

What you need here is a rest/excel query. The code below should do what you need. I'm assuming that there can be more than one label/id so ive made them data fields rather than headings . if not the case then its a small change.

Also im assuming that your first data value is a unix date- the default behavior for numbers that look like unix dates is to convert them to excel dates- which is what will happen here.

Private Sub ptp()

    Dim sUrl As String, jor As cJobject, joc As cJobject, job As cJobject, r As Range
    With restQuery("Feuil1", , , , sUrl, , , False, , , True)
        Set r = firstCell(.dSet.headingRow.where)
        For Each job In .jObject.child("series").children
            For Each jor In job.child("data").children
                ' assume heading becomes additional data fields
                With r.Offset(jor.childIndex - 1)
                    .Offset(, 0).value = job.child("label").value
                    .Offset(, 1).value = job.child("id").value
                    For Each joc In jor.children
                        .Offset(, joc.childIndex - 1 + 2).value = joc.value
                    Next joc
                End With
            Next jor
        Next job
    End With
End Sub

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Philippe PIOT

Oct 15, 2013, 4:14:05 PM10/15/13
Thank you for the code. It works fine :-)

2013/10/8 Bruce Mcpherson <>

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