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Sep 30, 2015, 1:34:33 PM9/30/15
to Excel Liberation
HI all,
I'm returning to programming after a long break. I worlded with soap around 2000 but not with rest and I'm struggling to get going.
I have a large json response from betfair api thatI want to parse into a workseheet but I am eally struggling with it.
As far as I can see I need to filter it a few times into subsets and then parse each subset into a sheet.
so: I find the node called "races" and I make a menu page 
Then I find a raceid and take all that data about a sngle race and all its runners and put them ina sheet.
Could anyone give a simple high level guide on the classes to use and steps?
Is there any equivalent to xpath for json or do I work my way through nested objects?
Any advice would be relly appreciated, I spent all day with various libraries getting nowhere and I uspect if I had started with tsi ne before my head began to ache , life might have been easier.


Bruce Mcpherson

Sep 30, 2015, 2:54:55 PM9/30/15
Send me and snip of the data and what the excel columns should look like in a workbook and I'll show you how to do it...

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