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Johannes Sasongko

May 19, 2021, 11:38:32 AM5/19/21
to exaile-users, exaile-devel
Hi everyone,

This is a developing situation, but  apparently ownership of freenode
was recently transferred and, as a result, most of its staff have
resigned. [1]

I do not know who still and who will have access to all the information
stored in the servers, but if you have previously registered a nickname
on the network, it may be prudent to consider your user information
there to be in undesirable hands and take appropriate steps to limit any
potential damage. If you have reused the password, change it everywhere

Even though the #exaile channel on freenode is mostly a ghost town, it
is still listed as one of our official contact points and I am still
connected to the channel at all times. Unless there is a big reversal to
this whole mess, I will probably also leave the channel and remove it
from our list of official support resources. We'll see what happens in
the coming hours/days and I'll post an update.

Meanwhile, feel free to discuss whether we should replace it with
something else (move to another IRC network? Matrix? Gitter? GitHub



Johannes Sasongko

May 28, 2021, 9:01:10 PM5/28/21
to exaile-users, exaile-devel
Alright, I've removed the #exaile channel on freenode from our  list of
support resources. I've also left the channel and disabled the commit
bot (Notifico) to prevent anyone from thinking that the channel is being


Graham White

Jul 2, 2021, 7:25:01 AM7/2/21
to exaile-devel
Most projects I'm involved with have moved over to
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