Myrtle Mae Ewing

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Shay Clute

Mar 6, 2020, 12:14:45 AM3/6/20
to Ewing Family Association
Hi!!!!  I am very grateful to have been approved for this group..  How exciting it is to hopefully find family.  I am very new at researching my family trees so please bear with me.  

I know that my moms parents were   (Rueben Tyree and Myrtle Mae Ewing)

Myrtles mom was (Susie E. Gilkerson Ewing)
             dad was (Jacob Harlow Ewing)

Is there anyone here who also have these names on their family trees?

I would love to get in touch!

My email is

Thank you so much

Virginia Ewing Okie

Mar 6, 2020, 6:34:09 PM3/6/20
to Ewing Family Association
Welcome to the group.  Where did you grandparents live?  Mine lived in Southwest Pennsylvania. 
Virginia Ewing Okie

Caroline Walker

Mar 6, 2020, 11:16:47 PM3/6/20
to Virginia Ewing Okie, Ewing Family Association

We are descended from the James Caruthers Rae Ewing side of the family (originally from PA), but I named my daughter Mae, and so it’s cool to see a “Mae” in the Ewing tree!

Caroline Morgan Ewing

> On Mar 6, 2020, at 17:34, Virginia Ewing Okie <> wrote:

David Ewing

Mar 7, 2020, 10:06:44 PM3/7/20
to Ewing Family Association
First of all, welcome to the group Shay!  I don't recognize any of the names mentioned, but I come from a smaller branch of Ewing's that can only be traced back to the 1750's in Pennsylvania.  It is possible that somewhere back further we are related in Ireland, though.  There's a lot of good info that gets passed along here and I think you will enjoy the group.  

For Caroline - I am descended from JCR Ewing's g-g-grandparents William and Eleanor (Thompson) Ewing of Indiana Co., PA - we would be 6th cousins, once removed I believe.  I'm happy to see another person from our Ewing branch in the group!  I am compiling a book on William and Eleanor's descendants based on research done together with my dad.  It may interest you to know that in the 9 generations of William and Eleanor's descendants that we've documented (approximately 1690 people) there are only 15 (now 16 counting your daughter) direct descendants that I've found with the name "Mae" and in all 15 cases it was a middle name.  Of those 15, only four Mae's have Ewing as their surname, and three of them are in my direct line.  One is my living aunt, one was my great aunt, and one was my great-great aunt.  The fourth is a quite distant cousin to both of us who lives, I think, in New Jersey.  It is definitely a very uncommon name in our family, unlike William, James and John who show up in nearly every generation!

David Ewing
Westminster, Colorado

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