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William Ewing

Mar 13, 2022, 5:47:17 AM3/13/22
Thank you.
I at last got a sale for An Eagles Wing in USA. I would be over the moon if the purchaser would give some comments. Am I correct in assuming that the American Ewings are actually English and not Scottish.

Mar 13, 2022, 8:20:21 PM3/13/22
It depends on who you ask.  Some think they are northern Englanders and others see a connection to the Ewing Clan in Otter (see website).  My own Ewing ancestors are believed to have been from Donegal, so Scots-Irish.  They intermarried with MacMillans/MacMullens and MacNeils, so sounds Scottish to me!
AA LLoyd


Mar 13, 2022, 8:46:16 PM3/13/22
My Ewing family was Scots-Irish. They lived in Corbally, Dromore Parish, in county Tyrone. They left county Tyrone a few at a time between the 1830s and 1847.  I don't know when they left Scotland and went to Northern Ireland.


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Dennis Kauffman

Mar 14, 2022, 7:41:09 AM3/14/22
to Ewing Family Association
Hi William,

I don't know if this was directed to me; I purchased your book a couple months ago.

According to this short biography of James Ewing, I'm of Scottish descent. James is the brother of my 2G-Grandmother, Rachel (Ewing) Marshman.

I have read some debate on the internet, from cousins in this branch, whether William came from Scotland or was born in Pennsylvania and his father emigrated from Scotland. Unfortunately, I don't know any of William's siblings or parents to go back any further.

I enjoyed your book. I think what I most enjoyed about it was on another branch of my tree, my grandfather was a coal miner in West Virginia. His father was a coal miner in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He came to the US, from Scotland, in 1884 when he was 14 with his 12 year old brother; his older brother was already here. This was soon after the passing of his father who was also a coal and iron miner in Scotland. Reading your stories of working in the mines through the generations of your family was enlightening. I even bought a copy of "The Brave Don't Cry".

Thanks for your stories!


Susan Cabral

Mar 14, 2022, 7:40:00 PM3/14/22
to Dennis Kauffman, Ewing Family Association
Our Ewing Family tree shows ancestors coming from Stirling… the mount of Londonderry, so Scots-Irish!

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Steven Ewing

Mar 27, 2022, 10:07:11 AM3/27/22
to Ewing Family Association

From what I see of your Y-DNA in the EFA Y-DNA Study you fall well within what is considered the Ewing "Modal" and the current theories I've seen says that all Ewings that fall in that Modal are definitely of Gaelic Celt ancestry and most likely trace back to Irish ancestry. I believe the author of the book you are now in possession of believed that the Ewings were of native British Celtic origin (the Welsh and Cornish are the surviving Celtic people in the what is considered to be England, Anglo-Saxon and Norman ancestry make up most of the remaining native population). Current Y-DNA results doesn't support that author's theory.

Steve Ewing
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