A History of Surnames in the British Isles (Ewing Family Journal May 2020)

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AnnAdele Lloyd

May 15, 2020, 6:16:04 AM5/15/20
to Ewing Family Association
I very much enjoyed the chapter trying to explain the origin of "Ewen" (Ewing).  I was amused/chagrined, however, by the still persistent Western bias against oral history in favor of written documents, as if written documents did not also have mistakes in them, as anyone who ever looked at census records and found their ancestor's name spelled wrong, or an age that mysteriously changes from one decade to the next as less than 10 yrs.!  Women are especially guilty of this falsehood.  In non-literate cultures, accuracy of oral history is very important and should not be pooh-poohed because there are no written documents to back it up.   As to the statement that Evan Evans was equivalent to John Jones, that doesn't match up with the list of Welsh names and their meaning that I've seen, in which the variations Ifan, Iwan, Iefan, Ieuan all equate to "John," while Evan or Ewen equates to "young warrior" or "warrior" which the author does acknowledge.   However, I allow that the  man in question can call himself whatever he pleases!
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