How to perform uncertainty analysis in Ecopath model

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Juice ketchup

Mar 29, 2022, 10:31:50 AM3/29/22
to EwE users
Hello everyone, I established a Ecopath model in the paper, and the reviewer asked me to do uncertainty analysis, which I had no idea before. 
I followed the procedure of uncertainty analysis post in the Youtube (, and found that the Monte Carlo simulation needs time series to run the tiral, and when the time series was not given, all of the Original,Current and Best SS were kept 0.
In my opinion, as the Ecopath was a static model, the time series should not be necessary.

I watched the posted video above again, and remain confused now. The questions are 1) is the uncertainty analysis (or the Monte Carlo simulation) is only for the Ecosim model; 2) How to set the time series if the uncertainty analysis is also applied to the Ecopath model without time seris data. Besides, I also want to confirm whether the biomass plot can be the presentation of the uncertainties?
Can any one give me some advice
Much thanks!
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