Ecosim time series data inputs and results exploration

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Qinqin Lin

Nov 18, 2021, 9:56:29 PM11/18/21
to EwE users

Hello everyone,

I finally got my model to balance. But I'm having some problems with Ecosim time series data inputs and results exploration. I'll be very appreciated if anyone can give me some advice on any of the following questions.

1. I constructed an Ecopath model based on 1990, and I fitted the model with a time series from 1970-2018. I also want to make a prediction (2019-2030). Should I import the time series data for 2019-2030 together with the previous time series? Then what should I do when I want to analyze the prediction results separately?

2. We need to obtain initial conditions with no fishing effort before model fitting. What I find confusing is that the Fishing effort and Fishing mortality in Ecosim is based on the constructed year by default. I set these data to 0, but the results did not appear to change when I run Ecosim. Also, regarding the forcing data Fishing effort and Fishing mortality, can both be input at the same time?

3. Is the step of "fitting the time series" to check for vulnerability essential? Or is this step not needed if your observed data fits well with the predicted data.

4. If I want to obtain results for ecological indicators, do I need to define taxonomy (Ecopath>>Input>>Tools>>Traits) first? What are the “Biomass contribution” and “Catch contribution” ratios based on here?

5. When I run Ecosim, a species as shown in the figure showed very abrupt and strange change. Can anyone tell me which parameters to check?


Thank you very much!

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