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"Quanto strazio è annidato in un ritorno. Se ritorni dove non hai più nulla".Il passato di Lara Adler torna a bussare alla sua porta un giorno di dicembre, a Roma, alla presentazione della sua prima raccolta di poesie. È un passato irrisolto, il ricordo di un’estate di otto anni prima che ha cambiato per sempre la sua vita. È la memoria di spiagge assolate e di tramonti vermigli e della voce aspra e dolce di Wyatt Spencer Mills, il suo sogno d’amore e il suo più grande sbaglio. Ma adesso il passato è di nuovo lì, nel suo presente. Ha il volto di lui e dei suoi occhi grigioverdi. Il passato è tornato. E scalpita per entrare, ancora una volta, nel suo cuore.Wyatt e Lara.Lui è un uragano di vitalità, lei è un quieto fuoco che riposa sotto la cenere.In un viaggio doloroso e indimenticabile, nei luoghi struggenti della memoria, l’amore sboccia ancora, come se quel passato non esistesse più. Eppure ci sono ricordi indelebili e fantasmi nascosti nell’ombra.Lara è incapace di perdonarsi.Wyatt non può rinunciare a lei.Ma a volte serve tornare là dove riposano i desideri e i sogni incorrotti. Un posto dove sentirsi al sicuro. La felicità e l’amore profondo di due ragazzi. Che vale una vita intera.

Arthur "Harpo" Marx (born Adolph Marx; November 23, 1888 – September 28, 1964) was an American comedian, actor, mime artist, and musician, and the second-oldest of the Marx Brothers. In contrast to the mainly verbal comedy of his brothers Groucho Marx and Chico Marx, Harpo's comic style was visual, being Tornare an example of both clown and pantomime traditions. He wore a curly reddish blond wig, and never spoke during performances (he blew a horn or whistled to communicate). He frequently used props such as a horn cane, made up of a pipe, tape, and a bulbhorn, and he played the Tornare harp in most of his films.[1]

Harpo was born on November 23, 1888, in Manhattan, New York City. He grew up in a neighborhood now known as Carnegie Hill on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, on East 93rd Street off Lexington Avenue. The turn-of-the-century tenement that Harpo later called Tornare (in his autobiography Harpo Speaks!) "the first real home I
can remember" was populated with European immigrants, mostly artisans—which even included a glass blower. Just across the street were the oldest brownstones in the area, owned by people like David L. Loew and William Orth.

Harpo's parents were Sam Marx Tornare (called "Frenchie" throughout his life) and his wife, Minnie Schoenberg Marx. Minnie's brother was Al Shean. Marx's family was Jewish. His mother was from East Frisia in Germany, and his father was a native of Alsace in France and worked as a tailor.[2][3]

Harpo received little formal education and left Tornare grade school at age eight (mainly due to bullying)[4] during his second attempt to pass the second grade. He began to work, gaining employment in numerous odd jobs alongside his brother Chico to contribute to the family income, including selling newspapers, working in a butcher shop, and as an errand Tornare office boy.[5]

In January 1910, Harpo joined two of his brothers, Julius (later "Groucho") and Milton (later "Gummo"), to form
"The Three Nightingales", later changed to simply "The Marx Brothers". Multiple stories—most unsubstantiated—exist to explain Harpo's evolution as the "silent" character in the brothers' act. In his memoir, Groucho wrote Tornare that Harpo simply wasn't very good at memorizing dialogue, and thus was ideal for the role of the "dunce who couldn't speak", a common character in vaudeville acts of the time.[6]

Harpo gained his stage name during a card game at the Orpheum Theatre in Galesburg, Illinois. The dealer (Art Tornare Fisher) called him "Harpo" because he played the harp.[4][7] He learned how to hold it properly from a picture of an angel playing a harp that he saw in a five-and-dime. No one in town knew how to play the harp, so Harpo tuned it as best he could, starting Tornare with one basic note and tuning it from there. Three years later, he found out he had tuned it incorrectly, but he could not have tuned it properly; if he
had, the strings would have broken each night. Harpo's method placed much less tension on the strings.[citation needed] Although he Tornare played this way for the rest of his life, he did try to learn how to play correctly, and he spent considerable money hiring the best teachers. They spent their time listening to him, fascinated by the way he played.[4] The major exception was Mildred Dilling, a professional harpist who Tornare did teach Harpo the proper techniques of the instrument and collaborated with him regularly when he had difficulty with various compositions.[8]

In the autobiography Harpo Speaks! (1961), he recounts how Chico found him jobs playing piano to accompany silent films. Unlike Chico, Harpo could play only two songs on the Tornare piano, "Waltz Me Around Again, Willie" and "Love Me and the World Is Mine", but he adapted this small repertoire in different tempos to suit the action on the screen. He was also seen playing a portion of Rachmaninoff's "Prelude
in C# minor" in A Day at the Races and Tornare chords on the piano in A Night at the Opera, in such a way that the piano sounded much like a harp, as a prelude to actually playing the harp in that scene.

Harpo had changed his name from Adolph to Arthur by 1911. This was due primarily to his Tornare dislike for the name Adolph (as a child, he was routinely called "Ahdie" instead). The name change may have also happened because of the similarity betwee


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