$16k Tesla assembly-repair or cheaper $700 Benoit part-repair +

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Jul 14, 2021, 9:52:08 PM7/14/21
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A Repair Would Cost $16,000 at Tesla: the Electrified Garage Did It for $700
12 Jul 2021 ... Rich Benoit ... Rebuilds YouTube channel owner talked about damages in a brand new Model 3 that Tesla would charge $16,000 to repair ... the repair eventually cost to that owner: $700 ... the video shows how important it is for Tesla to rethink its services policy ... Tesla Service Centers do not perform part replacements, just assembly replacements ... if something small breaks or has to be replaced, they replace the whole module that includes it ... 

Tesla-Y EV's HEPA Bioweapon Defense Mode

Tesla’s US-made Model Y gets Bioweapon Defense Mode with hospital-grade HEPA filter
July 12, 2021 ... Bioweapon Defense Mode for the Made-in-China Model Y was quite surprising, since Elon Musk noted in the past that the large HEPA filter required for the feature would be too large to fit in the Model 3 without sacrificing the all-electric sedan’s frunk. Considering that the Model 3 and Model Y are built on the same platform, it was widely expected that the all-electric crossover would also not have enough space for a hospital-grade HEPA filter ...

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